Clinical Anaesthesia


Founded in 1985, the Department of Anaesthesia is responsible for the provision of anaesthesia, acute and chronic pain services, and critical care in the surgical intensive care unit. There are currently 18 operating rooms in the main building, 10 operating rooms in the medical centre, and 3 operating rooms in Kent Ridge Wing, for a total of 31 operating rooms. We also provide out-of-theatre coverage for diagnostic radiology, cardiology, hepatology, paediatrics, dental, and gastroenterology on a request basis. Approximately 30,000 anaesthetics are performed each year by the Department.

All NUS Department of Anaesthesia staff holds concurrent clinical appointments at the National University Hospital, with full clinical duties.

Highlights of our clinical work include:

  • General and regional anaesthesia for all surgical specialities, including cardiothoracic and vascular anaesthesia, paediatric anaesthesia including neonates, neuroscience,and transplant surgery
  • Critically ill patients in the surgical intensive care unit
  • Obstetric epidural service
  • Resuscitation service for wards and accident and emergency department
  • In-hospital consultation service

In addition to clinical anaesthesia, our Department also runs an outpatient anaesthesia preoperative clinic, chronic pain clinic, and an acupuncture clinic.